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That is wrong in many ways assuming these stations were really competing and
intend to submit a log.  If not there is not much that can be done.    

>From the Rules:
(e) All operation must take place from one operating site. Transmitters and
receivers must be located within a 500-meter diameter circle or within the
property limits of the station licensee, whichever is greater. All antennas
must be physically connected by wires to the transmitters and receivers used
by the entrant.

A. Single Operator Categories: Only one person (the operator) can contribute
to the final score during the official contest period. QSO alerting
assistance of any kind (this includes, but is not limited to, use of packet,
local or remote call and frequency decoding technology, Skimmer, Internet
chat rooms or web sites) places the entrant in the Single Operator Assisted

Sounds like a clear violation to me.  

How can a station in another country call CQ legally for another station? 

Station A was receiving assistance from Station B so that could classify
them into the Assisted category.

If you have a recording I would forward that on to the Sponsor of the
contest and a written detailed account of what you heard.


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During the WPX SSB on forty metres I noticed getting through the european
wall was tough from VK...tuning across the band I came across a very strong
EU station calling CQ contest for him and an antipodean station (someone
downunder) ie CQ CONTEST XX1XX and ZZ1ZZ on the same frequency.....basically
operating as a way of opening the band for the other station.....so
basically as a team they channeled contacts from either end to each other...

is this in the spirit of the contest or in fact contesting in general..? 

Essentially we could setup a remote station in the US EU ASIA and chanel
contacts to our main station...or is that already going on and deemed OK..

Trent VK4TI
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