[CQ-Contest] Callsign "appendages" in QSO party logs

Chuck-NO5W no5w at consolidated.net
Fri May 1 16:57:56 PDT 2009

 >>Log check software that reads the log files can/should strip them off
Yes that's what we do in the Texas QSO Party log checking.

I agree with your other points also.

TXQP Coordinator

Tom Macon wrote:
> Some questions with opinions sprinkled in (or maybe vice versa).
> It seems to be common practice to append  /M, /P or /9 (call area) to logged 
> calls.  I'm wondering, what is the value of this?  I don't see that these 
> appendages contain useful information, at least for WIQP.  If a station is 
> mobile, he needs to state this as his entry category, so the log checker 
> will know.  Or, if he roves multiple counties, this will show in his sent 
> exchanges, so the checker will know.  For stations working the mobile, all 
> they need to do is log the correct callsign and county.  It doesn't matter 
> if the station worked is mobile or not - it doesn't affect category or 
> scoring.  Am I missing something here?
> The need to append  /CTY (county) to the received callsign would seem to 
> depend on a contester's logging program.  If the logging program won't allow 
> the same callsign with different counties, then appending the county name to 
> the call is a good work-around for logging roving stations.  But if the 
> program *can* handle callsign-plus-county as a unique entity (I think most 
> current ones do) then why would contesters need to bother with it?  This 
> basically asks for the county to be entered twice.
> In addition, callsigns with appended information are a pain for log checking 
> because they complicate duping and crosschecking.  My thought is to move 
> toward eliminating callsign appendages where possible.  Log check software 
> that reads the log files can/should strip them off unless they contain 
> information that can't be found elsewhere.  Does this make sense?
> Do some Parties have rules that change this picture?  Comments?
> Tom Macon, K9BTQ
> www.warac.org 
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