[CQ-Contest] Callsign "appendages" in QSO party logs

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Although obviously this debate is centred around domestic USA contests, there are still a number of countries where signing /m and /p is very much obligatory.

And Jim, if you think you have a problem with authority, try living in a country where you rigs have to be type-approved and each and every one registered on your licence, s/n included!

73 de Duncan EA5ON (mostly /m)

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K0HB said: "'Way-back-when' FCC required such appendages.  Old habits die 
hard.  Humor us.  A lot of us are enjoying our last couple of sunspot 
cycles.  We'll be out of your way soon."

Hans, nicely put. I agree with you. I will be signing K1TN/2 this weekend to 
indicate right away that I'm not in Newe Englande anymore, Dorothy.

When I was a 14-year-old back in the last millennium my parents and I moved 
to a new house about four city blocks from my FCC "station location." For 
what seemed like forever I had to sign WA9AUM/9. I thought that was 
ridiculous. I've had a problem with Authority ever since. I've been moving 
around ever since, too, trying to stay one step ahead of the Thought Police.

George Orwell, K1TN/2
Atlantic City 

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