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Hi, Ward -

Below is an bit from the 1961-62 Annual Report of the Badger Amateur Radio 
Society (W9YT) that talks about the Wisconsin QSO Party in 1963 (47 years 
ago). I believe WiQP predates 1962 but I don't know how many years.  Perhaps 
Fred, K3ZO, would remember more.  I believe that WiQP was sponsored by the 
Wisconsin Nets Assn in those days but I can't think of anyone else from that 
era that is still around.  The piece below was written by Bob Dixon, W8ERD, 
and can be found at http://w9yt.engr.wisc.edu/html/sixties/61-62report.pdf , 
p 3, under Special Activities.

Tom Macon, K9BTQ
West Allis RAC

Special Activities

As a club station, with many members, we are able to carry on many 
activities that individual stations would find very difficult if not 

During the Wisconsin QSO Party, two of our members went on a "DX-pedition" 
to Menominee County, Wisconsin.  They set up a small station in the sheriff's 
office at Neopit and raised an 80-meter dipole between two convenient pine 
trees.  Menominee County was created only recently, having previously been a 
federal Indian Reservation.  Thus we were regarded as a rather strange breed 
of animal as we set up the station with a reasonable portion of the local 
population looking on.

The sheriff was very considerate, and provided us with a nice little room 
all to ourselves.  He didn't even complain when our transmitter wiped his 
police band receiver right off the spectrum.  Unfortunately, that area of 
the state is a poor one radio-wise, so we could only make 12 contacts in the 
6 hours we were there.  The expedition wasn't a total loss, however, because 
now we can always tell our visitors how that arrow got stuck in the top of 
the Viking II.

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> Such a subject is sure to generate some discussion :-)  The specific 
> subject is "which state QSO party is the oldest?"  In the last issue of 
> the Contest Update (www.arrl.org/contest/update) I printed the claim of 
> California's QSO Party to being the oldest of the lot.  Subsequently, a 
> question was raised about that - is the Pennsylvania QSO Party older?  I 
> don't know - and possibly there are others with a claim to the title.
> Now - let's be sure we distinguish between "longest continuously running 
> state QSO party" and "first state QSO party".  I'd kinda like to know 
> both.  This year is CQP's 45th running - that's pretty good!  Can any 
> others match or exceed that?  And when was the very first state QSO party, 
> anyway, regardless of activity since then?  And no regional or local 
> contests - it has to be a contest aimed at a single state (yes, 
> territories are OK, too, you KL7's and KH6's).
> An interesting question - let the games begin!
> 73, Ward N0AX
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