[CQ-Contest] [CTDXCC] Secrets of QSLing?

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Sun Aug 1 07:15:08 PDT 2010

I tend to agree with Roy.  I send and receive a lot of cards. I only send
cards directly to the new band countries that I work at this point. I agree
that getting cards from Cuba is a problem, but there are others as well. I
have 98 countries confirmed on 160 and would very much like to get cards
from the three outstanding countries that I have left, they are HL, UA2 and
YO. I probably have hundreds of cards from these countries, just none for
160 meters. I have sent green stamps on more than one occasion, nested
envelopes with the proper postage for return, e-mails all to no avail. At
some point you just have to move on.

I find that after you move on...one day you just might get a card in the
bureau envelope! Go figure.

Bill W5VX


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> >> So, in conclusion, for those with a good return rate, what seems 
to work best for you?

What works best, in the long run, is patience. 

Can't get a card from Cuba? Work another one. Don't sweat the easy 
stuff, or waste green stamps trying to rush things. Just keep working 
the DX, and hammer each country with buro cards until you get a 
response. It's a numbers game. 

The cards that matter are the DXPeditions, and the return rate is 
pretty good. By the time you get your first 300 countries in the box, 
your worries about the Cuba card will be long past.

Roy -- AD5Q

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