[CQ-Contest] NAQP Practice: Thur & Fri

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Wed Aug 4 14:47:44 PDT 2010

>In addition to the regular NSL on Thursday night,  NCCC will sponsor 
>two NAQP CW practice sessions this week:
>Thursday night practice:
>Time: 0315 Z    (15 mins to reconfigure) post-ladder
>Duration: ~30 mins
>Rules: NCJ NAQP CW 
    Mults:  HI is an NAQP mult, but DC is not.
>NCCC Contest Net at 0345 on 3610.
>Friday night practice:
>Time: 0200Z
>Duration: ~30 mins.
>3610 Contest net at 0230Z

>"For SO2R guys::
>The operating strategies and logger message set-up are quite 
>different between Sprints and
>NAQP, so I think two practices are needed for the 'serious' 
>contingent. N1MM is
>quite tricky  on the SO2R messages!
>We'll have the 3610 net following both practices:  0345 Thur., 0230Z 
>Fri. (that's a change from usual 03Z on Thursdays.)
>Logger software discussions might be useful here."
>73 Bill n6zfo and n6ro

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