[CQ-Contest] "QTC?"

Luc PY8AZT py8azt at dxbrasil.net
Mon Aug 16 09:53:05 PDT 2010

2010/8/16 Pete Smith <n4zr at contesting.com>:
> What I was trying to question is the practice of jumping on any pileup
> you hear and shouting "QTC?", or interrupting a run by a non-Eu station,
> after a QSO, with a QTC request.  To the extent that I and others won't
> respond, or respond with "no" or "nil", it is hard to see that it
> confers any advantage.

I wish ours European friends could be even better than just sending
"QTC?". Please, ask QTC with your call along, so we don't need to ask
your call. QTCs are fun, even from non-EU side and that is the reason
I take part of WAE every year.

PS. I was at PW7T SOAB HP - thanks great fun weekand, in WAE SSB we'll
be at PW7T as a team.

73, Luc
PW7T Team member
WRTC.2010 Brazilian Team Leader
PY8AZT (also PT7AG, PX8C, ZZ8Z, ZY7C)
LABRE, ARRL, & Fortaleza DX Group Member

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