[CQ-Contest] RX-TX balance? (was: Re: "QTC?")

Oliver "Olli" Dröse droese at necg.de
Tue Aug 17 13:23:23 PDT 2010

Hi Luc,

> PS. I was at PW7T SOAB HP - thanks great fun weekand, in
> WAE SSB we'll be at PW7T as a team.

I was not actively playing in the contest just handing out a few QSOs to 
test-drive my new radio. You were a really great signal into Germany, pounding 
in at real 599 on a vertical on 15 m despite otherwise low conditions and lower 
signals from others. BUT, what I do not understand is why you did not even QRZ 
when I was calling you with 100 watts? Did exactly zero-beat, tried a few tens 
of Hz up & down but no reaction at all, just CQing into my face again?! Not 
understandable when other's being just 519/529 came right back to my first call!

By the way, it was not only you but with a few exceptions this rather seems to 
be the norm with SA stations. In comparison NA stations usually do not have that 
problem. As I see that "phenomenon" in almost every contest when I run low power 
(From the math's it can't be that you don't hear me, right?) I really wonder 
what the reasons are?

Too much power (bad balance between TX and RX)?
Too bad an RX?
One way propagation?
Distraction by nice girls? ;-))

No pun intended here, I just want to know the perspective from your end (or 
other SA stations) and find tactics how to log you the next time again. ;-))

Vy 73 & gl,
Olli - DH8BQA

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