[CQ-Contest] cqww cw spotting report

wally wally at el-soft.com
Thu Dec 2 04:50:53 PST 2010

Hi David,

For some reason, LZ2NP knows himself only, he was spotting LZ9W on one and
the same frequency each two minutes sending 6 - 7 spots at once. We waited
for a while ,if he would stop this by his own. After few hours we realised
guy does not have intention to stop, so we found his tel. no. and we told him
to stop all that nonsense. After our phone talk there were no more spots for
LZ9W by LZ2NP.

OK4PA thought may be he is helping his friend OK1FDR, who was part of LZ9W
team in CQWW CW, by spotting LZ9W so often ?

LZ2UZ and LZ3SM were spotting other stations as well as LZ9W, although as I
see percentage for LZ9W is quite high taking under consideration their total
no. of spots.

I hope you understand that we can not control the guys who want to make spots
and all these spots were not made under the order of LZ9W team !

If you follow the spotting reports from previous years such situation never
happened before and we DID NOT encourage such behavior ourselves !!! 

We for sure will have a serious talk with LZ2UZ and LZ3SM and we'll take care
these guys behave themselves normally next time.

We can not keep under control actions of OK4PA.

73, de Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W contest team

spotter	dx		Spots	total	Pct
LZ2NP		LZ9W		34	34	100
UA3TT		RT3T		30	49	61
HA3MM		HG3DX		22	23	95
UA9JJA	RT9J		16	16	100
RD3DM		RC3F		15	15	100
Z33T		Z35T		14	15	93
7Z1MO		HZ1DG		13	13	100
LZ2UZ		LZ9W		12	16	75
LZ3SM		LZ9W		12	21	57
UA9URZ	DM3MM		12	12	100
WX3B		W3LPL		12	22	54
EC1KR		EA2EA		12	140	8
PY2UO		PY2UO		11	11	100
HA3A		HA9RT		11	11	100
VA3CDX	FS/K9EL	10	14	71
YV5JF		ZL8X		10	25	40
HA2QW		HG1Z		10	12	83
IZ1GCZ	IR1C		10	13	76
OK4PA		LZ9W		9	34	26

Looks like lz9w had a real cheering section in lz2np, lz2uz, lz3sm, and

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