[CQ-Contest] Keeping 'em honest

Steve Hanlon asciibaron at verizon.net
Fri Dec 3 08:14:11 PST 2010

a slight modification of this will be for all PVRC stations to work as many NCCC stations as possible in SS next year but to not log them.  a great offense is a solid defense :)

all joking aside, i think you have missed the mark here.  Art has no idea if the station has him in the log or not.  we are supposed to be communicating but unless the other station has confirmed that we have in fact communicated, how do you know you have?  Art is not going to claim he as communicated if he doesn't know that he has.  makes perfect sense to me.

-Steve, WM3O

Dec 3, 2010 08:51:45 AM, W5OV at W5OV.COM wrote:

OK Art, so let me see if I understand you correctly...

You're submitting your log, with some QSOS intentionally removed, because
someone who did not respond how you wanted them to, in order to
intentionally stick it to them ("I want them to suffer the penalty")?

Wow. I hope this doesn't catch on.


Bob W5OV

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We had important out-of-town company thru the Thanksgiving weeked (until
Tuesday evening), so I did not get to make my trek to the W3LPL MM.  All I
got to do was an hour or so of here-and-there demonstration QSOs ("This is
ham radio contesting").  CT says 49 QSOs, 18 Zones, 31  Countries, 6,566
Points.  All S&P of the loud guys, except for a short attempt as a fresh
meat CQer on high up on 20M Sunday.  That got me a Ukrainian and a VE1, who
I hope will remember me in SS CW  :>).

I just submitted the log, not because my club will benefit from the points,
but because a couple of those big guns I worked did not, after a few
repeats, give me a clear indication that they copied my call/report.  They
are not in my log, and I want them to suffer the penalty if they claim the

I did work one USA station, a K1 who thought I was answering his CQ, when I
was actually calling the European right next to him.  I hope the K1 keeps me
in his log.

73, Art K3KU
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