[CQ-Contest] Now this is unfair!

Bryon PAUL Veal n0ah bryonveal at msn.com
Mon Dec 6 12:29:48 PST 2010

On page 109 of CQ Magazine, in the December 2010 issue, W0ANT and I won our 
section for 2009's CQWW 160M SSB Multi-op with the second lowest score 
reported in this entire category in the world- - In fact, we were 550,000 
points lower than the highest USA score in this category by WE3C in PA- I've 
already gotten a place on the wall ready for the certificate.......However, 
the lowest winning score for their section was YE1ZAL with 78 points- That 
was for the entire Oceana area- I love getting certificates- and we really 
put in the time- but we only had 100 watts and a multiband 55 foot 30-160M 
sloper- I wonder what YE1ZAL was using? We've since upgraded our 160M 
station set up- but I have to grin about this one- I've already joked here 
locally about a trophy for "Our Max=Your Min" hihi

73  Paul  N0AH   (-: 

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