[CQ-Contest] Stew Perry contest this weekend

Tree tree at kkn.net
Wed Dec 15 09:17:53 PST 2010

Just a reminder that the Stew Perry contest is this weekend.  Full rules
are available at http://web.jzap.com/k7rat/stew.html.

There have been some questions about using the Reverse Beacon Network.
The Boring ARC has added some rules to take these into account.  Here
is the part that was changed:

> 6. Prohibited activities: Use of Internet-based and/or radio-based spotting 
>    systems and chat rooms is not permitted for the purposes of improving 
>    your score, regardless of category.
>    Remote operation is permitted as long as all transmitting and receiving 
>    antennas used are within 100 km of each other - with only one transmitter
>    site.  The grid square sent and used for scoring purposes must be the one 
>    that your transmitter is in.
>    Use of skimmer like devices are permitted for the multi-operator category 
>    only.  Any skimmer like devices (including reverse beacon network devices)
>    must be located within 100 km of other devices (such as transmitters).  
>    Note - if your intended operation falls outside of these limitations, feel
>    free to operate the contest as you wish - but enter the "C" category (check
>    log).  You can explain your operation details in the soapbox section of
>    your log - which will be printed with the results.

73 Tree N6TR

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