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Georgek5kg at aol.com Georgek5kg at aol.com
Fri Dec 17 19:37:28 PST 2010

I use the fully auto-tuned Acom 2000A amp.  Expensive, but very solid  and 
reliable.  (1500w all day long and night time too!) I have had mine for  7+ 
years, and it has never missed a lick. At various times, I have driven  it 
from an Icom Pro2, Pro3 and an Elecraft K3 with no problems.
I use it with the Acom 2000S automatic antenna switch which is also a very  
solid piece of gear.
73, George, K5KG
George  Wagner, K5KG
Sarasota, FL 
941-400-1960 cell  

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n6win73 at gmail.com writes:

Is  anyone willing to share with me their experiences with their
amplifier that  they are using for contesting? My main HP contest
interest is the  California QSO Party, CQ WW WPX, and ARRL DX. I have a
lesser interest in  working DX through the week for all time new ones
or new band/entities.  During contests that I am not serious about I
will S&P Assisted using  point and click on packet/skimmer spots to
hand out the points.

My  station setup is as follows:

FT-2000, SB-220 (usually 800-400w output),  Top Ten Automatic band
decoder, Array Solutions  Sixpack


F12 C31XR w/separate feed lines, Cushcraft  A3WS w/30m, Cushcraft
XM240, 80m dipole on top of 54' tower.

I  imagine having something that is easy to tune for quick band changes
will  be helpful while contesting. My current SB-220 is easy, but it's
narrow and  needs retuning as I go throughout the band if I want to be
anywhere near my  max output.


Tim,  N6WIN.
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