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Dave Hachadorian k6ll at arrl.net
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If that is the intent, the contest is ruined.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

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The intent of the current rule is that multi-channel band
decoders , such
as CW Skimmer, are allowed as long as they do NOT connect to any
source.  For example, you are not allowed to connect to a TELNET
address  the
publishes spots from Remote Skimmers.

However, if the multi-channel band decoder is totally contained
within the
station, it is allowed.

If someone can suggest a way to state that more simply, in one to
sentences without a lot of legalize, please respond off the


Al, K0AD

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K1TTT at ARRL.NET writes:

>  Although NCJ does not have an official "Contest Committee",
> issues
> to the NCJ contests are discussed among all the NCJ contest
> managers.
> Often, input is solicited from others also. Final decisions
> rest with the
> Contest Manager for each of the 6 contests we  sponsor.  For
> the Sprints,
> it  was
> obvious that the  allowing the use of multi-channel band
> decoders made no
> sense because  of the QSY rule.  It really came down to being
> an issue for
> the  CW NAQP.  We decided to allow it in the Single Operator
> Class as
> as
> there was no connection via the internet or any other  outside
> source.
> 2009, the NAQP rule was changed to  state:

So you DO intend to allow wide band decoding and generating of
information by CW Skimmer and Skimmer Server??

"Access to spotting information obtained directly or indirectly
from  any
source other than the station operator, such as from other
stations  or
automated tools, is prohibited,"

since CW Skimmer in its wideband  decoding mode automatically
'spotting information' I would  consider this first statement to
use of the CW Skimmer or  Skimmer Server software.

"except as follows: Technological methods of  copying information
in the
contest exchange (e.g. CW Skimmer, code readers,  etc.) are
permitted as
as all components are entirely contained within  the station."

Since this qualifies use of technology as being for  'copying
information in
the contest exchange' I consider this, in the CW  Skimmer usage,
to be the
narrow band audio only decoding of a single qso at  a time.  This
reinforced by lumping it in with 'code readers' which  in general
do not
generate spotting information and only allow copying a  single
audio stream
at a time.

Perhaps the lack of complaint was  because participants took the
conservative reading and assumed that NO  sources of spotting
were allowed, which included the wide band  decoding and spotting
modes of
the CW Skimmer.

David Robbins  K1TTT
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