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James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 10:56:36 PST 2010

This comment on 3830 by N2IC: "Too bad that the conflict with the FOC marathon allows some Sprinters to make QSO's that aren't available to non-FOCers" was something that hadn't occurred to me but with which I concur. It reminded me of another kult, namely, the K3 Kult that I expounded on earlier. 

You will never get your K3 Kult membership, nor the lovely paraphernalia that comes along, including the custom fit velvet dustproof cover ($100 kit, $150 factory assembled), if you fall victim to these two New User Traps. I'm not saying I've done these things; I heard about them from somebody and am just passing them along in the spirit of public service. After all, we want the K3 Kult to be "big tent."

1) If you use stereo headphones with the AFX quasi-stereo woo-woo rama dama ding dong function, then plug in mono headphones without turning the AFX off, you will think that a headphone line connection has failed, or worse. This will happen during the first minute of a contest. You will take the headphone plug apart, put on your tri-focals (or call for one of the grandkids), and inspect those solder joints you made 35 years ago. 

2) If you find that a miracle has occurred and your LP, low antenna station is getting answers to your CQs, you will use RIT for the first time; RIT that appears, on the surface, to be very cleverly laid out. Wrong! You will lose a QSO by bumping the CLR button when you try to turn the RIT knob. This is another diabolical Aptos Test to see how many stations mysteriously "disappear" before you realize that you have been born again as a no-code Extra.

Jim Cain
At The K1TN Superstation
Atlantic City

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