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Sun Feb 7 13:13:02 PST 2010


Jealous, aren't you...

They really are that good!

On Feb 7, 2010, at 10:56 AM, James Cain wrote:

> This comment on 3830 by N2IC: "Too bad that the conflict with the  
> FOC marathon allows some Sprinters to make QSO's that aren't  
> available to non-FOCers" was something that hadn't occurred to me  
> but with which I concur. It reminded me of another kult, namely, the  
> K3 Kult that I expounded on earlier.
> You will never get your K3 Kult membership, nor the lovely  
> paraphernalia that comes along, including the custom fit velvet  
> dustproof cover ($100 kit, $150 factory assembled), if you fall  
> victim to these two New User Traps. I'm not saying I've done these  
> things; I heard about them from somebody and am just passing them  
> along in the spirit of public service. After all, we want the K3  
> Kult to be "big tent."
> 1) If you use stereo headphones with the AFX quasi-stereo woo-woo  
> rama dama ding dong function, then plug in mono headphones without  
> turning the AFX off, you will think that a headphone line connection  
> has failed, or worse. This will happen during the first minute of a  
> contest. You will take the headphone plug apart, put on your tri- 
> focals (or call for one of the grandkids), and inspect those solder  
> joints you made 35 years ago.
> 2) If you find that a miracle has occurred and your LP, low antenna  
> station is getting answers to your CQs, you will use RIT for the  
> first time; RIT that appears, on the surface, to be very cleverly  
> laid out. Wrong! You will lose a QSO by bumping the CLR button when  
> you try to turn the RIT knob. This is another diabolical Aptos Test  
> to see how many stations mysteriously "disappear" before you realize  
> that you have been born again as a no-code Extra.
> Jim Cain
> At The K1TN Superstation
> Atlantic City
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