[CQ-Contest] HA-DX logs

HADX Contestmanager contestmanager at mrasz.axelero.net
Mon Feb 8 01:13:12 PST 2010

Dear YL/OMs,

three weeks ago, on the HA-DX 2010 contest, despite having bad 
propagation we had a record number of contesters,
and for the last three weeks we've received as many logs as never 
before, however I'd like to encourage everyone who didn't do it yet,
to send log for the contest in Cabrillo format or type the QSOs manually 
into a form on the contest home page, this week.

Our Cabrillo receiver address: hadx at mrasz.axelero.net
Cabrillo files can be submitted on the contest home page, too.
Contest home page: http://www.ha-dx.com

Tibor Finta

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