[CQ-Contest] ARRL Rookie Contest

Wayne Mills n7ng at bresnan.net
Fri Feb 12 09:43:13 PST 2010

For those who read that the logs for the Rookie Contest must be submitted
within 48 hours, you are not crazy. It was shown in the rules yesterday as
48 hours. At some point, it was changed to 10 minutes, and by this morning
the rules reflected the change. 

Ten minutes is still good (IMO), but it's not "real time." So, as Ward
pointed out, you don't need to be on-line for the whole 'test. Just submit
at the end of the contest. Many of us are doing that now. So what's new?

Moving on, I am for a realistic, gradual shift to real-time submission AND
adjudication, with the results available as the winner crosses the finish

One big-time contester told me one time that by the time the results are
published, he sometimes can't even remember the contest he finds he has won!
That's just a combination of old technology and getting old...

73, Wayne, N7NG
Jackson Hole

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James Duffey wrote:
> John - You wrote:
>> The contest hasn't even had its initial running and they are already
trying to deal with problems??? What problems is real time logging going to
>> solve?
> Other than not being able to enter the contest without a computer and
internet access, I don't see any down side to this. 

That's not a minor downside.  I think sometimes those who have broadband
take it for granted.  It's not universally available, and not universally 
adopted where it is available.

I would imagine ~98% of us on this list have PCs with 'Net access in our
shacks.  I would also imagine ~98% of us aren't rookies!  The target
of this contest is far less likely to have a computer in their shack.



The official rules on the ARRL website don't say anything about realtime
logging.  They only require that a Cabrillo file be submitted within 48
of the contest.  (I presume it means within 48 hours of the contest
*segment* - that you don't have until December to submit your SSB log)

How that jibes with the "...100% real time contact logging... I don't know.


Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View, TN  EM66
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