[CQ-Contest] Rookie Roundup Scoring

Edward sawyered at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 13 16:05:22 PST 2010

What a poor idea this is guys.  Not that of a rookie contest, that is
noble.  But to have a rookie contest that is so diconnected from normal
contesting is illogical.  Imagine a rookie comes over to a veteran
contester's shack this weekend and asks about this log submittal and the
10 mins after the contest etc.  The veteran says, huh?  What are you
talking about??
I have never seen an attempt for the rookie version of something to be
more challenging for scoring or timing than the "normal" version of
What is the agenda here?  If its truely a simple starter contest, make
it truely simple.  The same as existing contests.  Submit your scores
the way the big boys do..no faster than the big boys have to...and no
more complicated than the big boys are required to.
If its something else...air it out in the proper forum...don't slip it
in for this new contest on people that don't know any better.
Ed  N1UR

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