[CQ-Contest] Rookie Roundup Scoring

Idle-Tyme nss at mwt.net
Sat Feb 13 16:26:14 PST 2010

I know (or at least I have been informed) that people from CQ monitor 
this board.  but does the heads of ARRL contesting do it too?  and what 
are their thoughts on all these comments?
*The Original Rolling Ball Clock

Edward wrote:
> What a poor idea this is guys.  Not that of a rookie contest, that is
> noble.  But to have a rookie contest that is so diconnected from normal
> contesting is illogical.  Imagine a rookie comes over to a veteran
> contester's shack this weekend and asks about this log submittal and the
> 10 mins after the contest etc.  The veteran says, huh?  What are you
> talking about??
> I have never seen an attempt for the rookie version of something to be
> more challenging for scoring or timing than the "normal" version of
> something.
> What is the agenda here?  If its truely a simple starter contest, make
> it truely simple.  The same as existing contests.  Submit your scores
> the way the big boys do..no faster than the big boys have to...and no
> more complicated than the big boys are required to.
> If its something else...air it out in the proper forum...don't slip it
> in for this new contest on people that don't know any better.
> Ed  N1UR
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