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Jack Brindle jackbrindle at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 14 10:44:14 PST 2010

Preparing for the Rookie Roundup will be a significantly different  
exercise for many of us. Realize the contest isn't for us, so we will  
be training others how to participate. One of the things that means is  
teaching the new contester how to use contest logging. Since there  
appears to only be one program that is ready for the R.R. (and its  
developers aren't sure of that), it may mean learning how to use that  
program ourselves. So not only is there a learning curve for the new  
contester, there is one for many of us as well.

So is this a reason to complain about the new contest? Well, no. But  
it is reason to ask questions and prod other contest program  
developers into adding support to their programs. This effort isn't  
exactly trivial, and the folks supporting it are really busy getting  
things ready for the contest itself. It is very much a chicken-egg  
situation. It will take a while to get everything going on all sides.  
It means we need to nurture the contest and give it time to mature on  
many fronts. In a year we should have some really cool features in our  
contest software that other contests can use, though.

So while I am cautious about the Rookie Roundup, I agree that it is  
something that needs our support and backing. And the developers need  
our prodding so that we can use our software of choice (on our  
platform of choice), and not just the one that may be currently  

And while we are contemplating things, noting the stated (at least by  
folks in this forum) target audience, I wonder if the platform of  
choice might actually be a Nintendo Wii, XBox, or PlayStation (2 or  
3). Or maybe, just maybe, one of Apple's new iPads...

Jack Brindle, W6FB

On Feb 14, 2010, at 1:59 AM, Joel Harrison wrote:

> It is great to see a new contest come along that can possibly be a  
> modern
> version of the Novice Roundup. I have advocated this for several  
> years.
> I wasn't involved in the development of the initial rules, but I  
> support
> them and no doubt they will evolve over time as needed to meet the  
> intent of
> the contest in an effort to stimulate maximum activity among the  
> intended
> participants.
> No major contest rules are the same as when they first started, but  
> they had
> to start somewhere, and once experience is gained after a running or  
> two
> they can be refined as needed.
> So, why don't we wait until we see how the first running actually  
> pans out
> so we actually have factual data to base analysis on, rather than  
> emotion??
> Dam the torpedoes! Full steam ahead......
> 73 Joel W5ZN
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