[CQ-Contest] Rookie Contest

Joel Harrison w5zn at w5zn.org
Sun Feb 14 01:59:57 PST 2010

It is great to see a new contest come along that can possibly be a modern
version of the Novice Roundup. I have advocated this for several years.

I wasn't involved in the development of the initial rules, but I support
them and no doubt they will evolve over time as needed to meet the intent of
the contest in an effort to stimulate maximum activity among the intended

No major contest rules are the same as when they first started, but they had
to start somewhere, and once experience is gained after a running or two
they can be refined as needed.

So, why don't we wait until we see how the first running actually pans out
so we actually have factual data to base analysis on, rather than emotion??

Dam the torpedoes! Full steam ahead......

73 Joel W5ZN

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