[CQ-Contest] Contesting On Line - Used to be Rookie Roundup Scoring

Edward sawyered at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 14 10:53:31 PST 2010

The problem with this statement:
"Nope - no nefarious or ulterior motives. Just an opportunity to create
a new contest for our newest contesters in a way that is more aligned
with their backgrounds while at the same time trying out new technology
without having a lot of competing infrastructure in an established
Is that you are experimenting with rookies that don't know any better
and don't even know they are being experimented with.  Very "sketchy"
concept in my opinion.
Sounds to me like a "closed door" meeting was held somewhere and we are
"outing" the intent.  Next we will here that it was "so successful" that
it should be implemented across all contests.  
I don't know where the dialog happened that I missed stating that all of
a sudden the contest community is trying to revcuit internet gamers but
lets call a spade a spade.  This is what this is, pure and simple.  It
is not a "Novice Roundup" or a "rookie contest".  Its an attempt to
change contesting below the radar while no one is noticing.  
Guess what...we noticed.  Have the dialog, openly please.
Thank you!

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