[CQ-Contest] 2009 IARU HF Championships - Error In Scoring

LY8O ly8o at ot.lt
Mon Feb 15 14:34:23 PST 2010

IMHO this mis-configuration could be as a basic not only in this contest, but especially in IARU because it is very specific in HQ class. And I hope many of you could understand it without any explanations. Just take a look for a number of stations which worked only own HQ per bands/modes... 
Or perhaps there could take place some points per QSO weight changes like: QSO within own country count 1 point, QSO within same ITU zone but different country count 3 points, QSO with different ITU zone within same continent count 5 points and QSO with different continent and ITU zone count 10 points. Just a suggestion...

Thanks for reading.

73, Remi LY8O

Sean Kutzko KX9X wrote:

After publishing the results for the 2009 IARU HF World Championships in the 
March 2010 QST, it was brought to our attention that the log-checking software 
that evaluates unique call signs was mis-configured. As a result, QSOs with 
many calls that were genuine uniques - and therefore good QSOs - were judged to 
be busted QSOs. Correcting this error  <snip>


Sean Kutzko KX9X
Contest Branch Manager

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