[CQ-Contest] Cut Number "J" - ASSISTED or MULTI?

Andrew Faber andrewfaber at ymail.com
Sun Feb 21 13:52:44 PST 2010

A couple of years ago, I operated Low Power in ARRL CW from P49Y.  I had the 
computer set to send "5NN ATT" as the exchange.  But when I started getting 
requests for repeats of the power, I concluded that ATT wasn't well 
understood to mean 100, and changed it to 5NN 1TT, which worked much better.
  But times do change.  I noted this weekend that ENN for 599, which I think 
CT1BOH originated, is starting to catch on more widely.
  73, andy, ae6y
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> This entire discussion has gotten me confused.  After reading the
> post, I heard a station just send "J" as his power.  So now I am
> thinking, is this a cut number for 1?  Is he QRP?  But if he is QRP,
> why didn't he just send /QRP like everyone else and it would be soooo
> obvious?  No, I finally realized he wasn't sending J.  He was sending
> ATT with a really bad fist!  Now I know that you can't use the phone
> during the contest, so I guessed that it was 100W.
> At 2/21/2010 03:02 PM, Kelly Taylor wrote:
>>Are we really going to the place where asking for clarification on generic
>>operating issues counts as assistance?
>>I am sure the station that sent JTT for 100 isn't unique, so asking "what
>>does J mean" is entirely different than asking "who was the station 
>>EE5-something?" (Considering that J is kinda stupid as a cut number 
>>I don't blame anyone for being confused.)
>>The former is OK, IMHO. The latter isn't permitted at all, regardless of
>>That said, I think David should be deeply ashamed for even THINKING that
>>this sport should be fun! David, David, David: if there aren't blood
>>droplets forming on your forehead from worrying about even imaginary rule
>>infractions, you're clearly NOT serious. (/satire)
>>73, kelly
>>On 2/21/10 8:32 AM, "David Levine" <david at levinecentral.com> wrote:
>> > Bob,
>> >
>> > First off I *am* operating assisted. Regardless I don't think asking a
>> > question like this makes you assisted. It was as generic as asking does 
>> > 5NN
>> > get logged as 5NN or 599. It's a generic question. But hey, what
>> do I know -
>> > I'm just out there having fun.
>> >
>> > Now back to enjoy some strong (at least for me since I've been 
>> > licensed)
>> > conditions.
>> >
>> > K2DSL - David
>> >
>> > On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 7:38 AM, Robert L. Shohet
>> <kq2m at earthlink.net>wrote:
>> >
>> >> I sure hope that those of you operating in ARRLDXCW this weekend
>> >> and posting or reading this post are claiming an ASSISTED
>> >> or MULTI-something category of operation.
>> >>
>> >> In fact, asking what the "JTT"  Exchange means DURING a contest
>> >> is no different than asking for help with a Callsign DURING a contest.
>> >>
>> >> I thought that this practice was not allowed?  Seems a lot like 
>> >> cheating
>> >> on an exam to me.
>> >>
>> >> 73
>> >> Bob KQ2M
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