[CQ-Contest] arrl dx cw spotting report

Tue Feb 23 16:14:58 PST 2010

There were 44489 spots in my database from this weekend.  This database from
the cluster and the excel spreadsheet of the dxsummit spots will be
available about the same time as this report at

Most spotted:

DX		Count
PJ2T		391
6Y1LZ		302
K3LR		252
KC1XX		245
KH6LC		237
W3LPL		229
EF8M		225
PJ4X		222
J38XX		218
K1TTT		207
CR3L		198
KM1W		194
TX4T		194
KP2M		188
CR2X		176
W2FU		175
VK9X/G6AY	167
NR4M		166
K5GO		155
ZM1A		153
ZF2AM		153
P40L		151

Busiest spotters:

Spotter	count
K3LR-4	761
K6III		706
K8ND		459
YT2AAA	441
DJ1AA		433
N8AGU		424
K5RC		365
K3VA		328
W6KY		322
KT1B		313
VE9HF		299
DL6KVA	291
W3LPL-4	286
F5MUX		285
W4EE		283
WO1N		274
S52W		259
K1RV		251
RX3APM	217
UA6AA		213
W1TO		212
N8JE		200


Cheerleader report:

What the columns mean:
Spotter = the spotting station
dx = the dx being spotted
spots = the number of spots the spotter made for the dx
total = the total number of spots the spotter made during the contest
pct = percentage of the total spots the spotter made for just that one dx

spotter	dx		Spots	Total	Pct
K8LEE		PJ2T		42	86	48
SP9BGL	SQ9LOM/P	32	53	60
XU7TZG	XU7ACY	32	43	74
K8ND		PJ2T		26	459	5
E21EJC	E21EJC	22	40	55
CT1CZT	CR5100AM	18	27	66
UA4FUW	UE4FZO	17	39	43
SP9BGL	SP9YFF/P	16	53	30
K8ND		6Y1LZ		16	459	3
N8BJQ		PJ2T		14	58	24
EA5AT		EF5AT		13	16	81
N4RV		PJ2T		13	49	26
IZ3EYZ	IR4X		12	38	31
CT2HHM	CT2GSN	12	14	85
K8ND		KH6LC		12	459	2
N4SF		KH6/AA4V	12	12	100
XU7TZG	XU7AFU	11	43	25
F5RAV		6V7T		11	12	91
K2FF		PI4TUE	11	25	44


"Single Spotters" are stations who make only one dx spot in the whole 
contest weekend.  It is obviously fairly unusual for a contest operator 
who is active to make only one spot, many make 10's to 100's of spots 
during the weekend.  It is common for DX'ers to make a single spot for 
a rare dx station then turn off the radio, so lots of single spotters 
for rare stations is common, but they also get lots of contest spots 
from other stations.  The key here is the percentage of spots that are 
from 'single spotters'.  A high percentage can be a sign of the use of 
fake callsigns to spot yourself or a friend that you don't want to look 
like you are cheerleading for... in any case, the use of fake callsigns 
is an obvious sign of someone trying to deceive the world in one way or 

What the columns mean:
DX - the dx station being spotted
Total - the total spots for them in the weekend
All(%) - the total number of single spots and the percentage of the total
dxs(%) - the number of the total spots that came from dxsummit and the 
percentage of the total they are.  These are broken out because it is 
very easy for someone to put in fake callsigns on dxsummit and it has been 
a common source of abuse of the system.

DX		Total	All(%)		DXS(%)
VK9X/G6AY	167	47(28%)		16(9%)
TX4T		194	23(11%)		8(4%)
JH3AIU	42	22(52%)		0(0%)
6V7T		98	18(18%)		7(7%)
IK6CWQ	26	17(65%)		2(7%)
J5UAP		67	16(23%)		5(7%)
5Z0H		56	15(26%)		5(8%)
TM7AAW	42	14(33%)		8(19%)
TL0A		59	13(22%)		5(8%)
8N5A		43	11(25%)		6(13%)
XR9JA		40	11(27%)		3(7%)
PY2HL		44	10(22%)		2(4%)
5W0OU		132	10(7%)		1(0%)
PJ2T		391	10(2%)		3(0%)
5N7M		75	10(13%)		3(4%)

Interesting stations in this list are JH3AIU and IK6CWQ.  
IK6CWQ is interesting because he was on 40m ssb being 
spotted by a bunch of different stations from node 
EA4RH-5.  That node makes it even more interesting 
because it is where a series of fake spots by K1TTT 
for K1TTT were entered.

The JH3AIU spots were real interesting because they were 
all entered on my node.  The calls were all stateside 
callsigns but the addresses were all from japan:
Interestingly JH3AIU is a previous user of my node who 
has logged in recently from ip's like:
which are likely in the same isp's dialup block.

DXSummit spot analysis
Spotter	freq	comment	spottee	ip
VE3DPL-@	7034	ARRL test	DL3VZL
K5DO-@	3543	test		DL3VZL
VE3DG-@	7037	arrl test	DL3VZL
VE3DPL-@	14013	test		DL3VZL

91.42.*.* is from Deutsche Telekom of course.
Spotter	freq		comment		spottee	ip
SP7KKX-@	3573.8.0				SO8R
SO8R-@	3510.8.0	tnx new multi	VA7CW
SP7KKX-@	3520		ARRL   LP   LP	SO8R

there is a whole series of spots, mostly for so8r by various sp stations.
Many of them have similarly badly formatted frequencies and similar 
comments.  But this one group stands out becuase of the spots FOR so8r
and the spot BY so8r from the same ip as others and with the same bad 
frequency format as some others.

Spotter	freq		comment	spottee	ip
LZ1KDP-@	14079.5.0	arrl dx	LZ1MS
KB9HTF-@	14079.5.0	arrl dx	LZ1MS
LZ3RZ-@	14079.5.0	cq wYOMING	LZ1MS
5B4AGU-@	14079.5.0	CONTEST	LZ1MS
NW9Y-@	14079.5.0	ARRL		LZ1MS
LZ3RY-@	14079.5.0	CONTEST	LZ1MS
KB9HTF-@	14079.5.0	ARRL		LZ1MS
KA9ZML-@	14063		ARRL		LZ1MS
KA9ZML-@	14063		ARRL		LZ1MS
5B4AGU-@	14063		ARRL		LZ1MS
NW9Y-@	14107.5.0			LZ1MS
KA9ZML-@	14107.5.0	ARRL		LZ1MS
5B4AGU-@	21005		cq dx		LZ1MS
NW9Y-@	4090				LZ1MS
NW9Y-@	14090				LZ1MS
KA9ZML-@	14090		contest	LZ1MS
LZ3RY-@	14090				LZ1MS
KB9HTF-@	14070.5.0			LZ1MS
KA9ZML-@	14046.5.0			LZ1MS
NW9Y-@	14020.4.0			LZ1MS
LZ1MS-@	21010				XU7AFU
LZ3RZ-@	21025		CQ DX		LZ1MS

A series of spots for LZ1MS that includes a spot by LZ1MS.  Also many
spots by w9's who all used the same Bulgarian IP address along with some
Bulgraians and a 5b4 station.

K7YUJ-@		21115	arrl		ZA1E
K7YUJ-@		21116.2.0	arrl dx	6W2BV
KJ4RF-@		21110.6.0	arrl dx	EA9LP
W0UIL-@		7008				J28O
KJ4RF-@		14091				EA9LP
W6RTB-@		14121	arrl			ZA1E
W0UIL-@		14125	arrl dx		EA9LP
W6RTB-@		21113				C30UI
W0UIL-@		21114				CN3D
K7UIP-@		21108	arrl			6W2SJ
W2S-@			21119	arrl test		C30UI
W7UYI-@		21117.6.0	arrl dx	CQ9I
W6TRF-@		21121	arrl			ZA1E
KJ4RF-@		21114.6.0	arrl		CN3D
CT7/LZ3ND-@		7053	go-go bud		AA3B
K7UIP-@		14095	lp			ZM3MK
W6RTB-@		14109				ZM3MK
K7GBE-@		14135.2.0			OY1C
CT7/LZ3ND-@		14014.4.0	go-go		K3CR
CT7/LZ1WR-@		14130	arrl			CT7/LZ3ND
CT7/LZ1WR-@		21111	arrl			CT7/LZ3ND
CT7/LZ3ND-@		21002.5.0	go-go		K3LR
W7UYI-@		21136				SU1M
KG7HY-@		21126.1.0	arrl		TA3DV
W3EDL-@		21126	arrl dx		EA9LP
KG7HY-@		21116.2.0	arrl		CQ9I
K0PLX-@		21101.5.0arrl test	EA9H
KI8UHJ-@		21101		arrl		C30UI
W6TMX-@		21092.4.0	arrl		C30UI
K5GFH-@		21093	contest		C30UI
K5TRN-@		21082	arrl			J28O
K7UIP-@		21080	arrl test		6W2SJ
CT7/LZ1WR-@		21044	arrl			CT7/LZ3ND
CT7/LZ3ND-@		14037	ARRL USPEH!		LZ9W
CT7/LZ1WR-@		14068	arrl			CT7/LZ3ND

This group confuses me, but maybe they just don't understand the system
well enough to abuse it properly.  All the IP's are from Portugual, 
but obviously not all the stations are.  The only common factor seems
to be some spots FOR ct7/lz3nd by other ct7/lz calls with some
spots BY ct7/lz3nd mixed in.  But ALL the spots FOR ct7/LZ3ND are from
the other ct7/ calls... and the faked stateside calls were used to spot 
other stations.

This is confusing because if I were trying to promote ct7/lz3nd in the
arrl contest I would want the most exposure in the states, but many
stateside users filter out spots FROM dx stations so those would have
been seen by less stations than the other fake spots for other dx.

David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto:k1ttt at arrl.net
web: http://www.k1ttt.net
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://dxc.k1ttt.net

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