[CQ-Contest] arrl dx cw spotting report

Fabian Kurz mail at fkurz.net
Wed Feb 24 04:04:46 PST 2010

K1TTT <K1TTT at ARRL.NET> wrote:
> [LZ3ND spots]

This has a log tradition. LZ3ND spots some juicy DX (usually known  
calls with one letter wrong) on his own frequency and hopes for people  
to click on the spot and work him.

While this is intolerable unsportsmaklike conduct, and enough for a DQ  
IMHO, it goes even further:

In the 9ACW contest last December I noticed the same, a couple of  
times. One of the spots was for "ZD8RS"; on the frequency of  
CT7/LZ3ND. DXsummit confirmed that it was entered from a IP-address  
from CT. Since this was the 3rd or 4th time that night that I fell for  
a spot by LZ3ND, I got a little mad and spotted:

DJ1YFK-@  7004.4 CT7/LZ3ND    not ZD8. Fake spot by LZ3ND.       0121 20 Dec

And went back to my running frequency a few kHz higher. A few minutes  
later, a station using the callsign "ZD8RS" (which does not exist)  
called me! If you have heard LZ3ND's CW signal, you know the  
characteristic sound he has. ZD8RS sounded very familiar, too. I was  
baffled. Some people have no shame.

73, Fabian DJ1YFK

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