[CQ-Contest] Cut number "J" and NO Power Sent

Stan Stockton k5go at cox.net
Tue Feb 23 12:50:53 PST 2010

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> Or maybe the first "dit" was being lost in the initial key-up.

Unless his VOX was set to drop out after the RST was sent, this might 
not happen.

I think Randy should settle this once and for all by calling the guy on 
the phone and asking him what he was trying to communicate when he sent 
a J for a number and of course vow not to re-submit his log after he 
finds out.  :-)

On another subject.... there was a new multiplier I worked on 160M in 
the contest and listened to several others work him as well.  He never 
sent a power number to any one but did send some pretty specific RST 
reports including 4 something 9 to some.  Although he was very strong 
here, it was obvious he was not strong on the coast as many of them did 
not respond when he came back to them as many as four times in a row.  I 
know that all the big stations who spent time to work him will have him 
in their log, and I am curious to know how this will be handled by the 
log checking whether he submits a log (doubtful) or not.  Hopefully all 
will have the correct RST but no one will have a power number because he 
never sent it.

Stan, K5GO


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