[CQ-Contest] DXCC Remote Rules Revison Request

K6VVA - Rick cqtest97 at k6vva.com
Thu Jan 28 08:10:00 PST 2010

Fellow Contesters and Contest-Peditioners:


Unless the DXCC rules regarding remote station operations are changed, there
will be future problems for DX'ers and Contesters receiving accreditation
for contacts made where remote stations involving crossover DXCC entities
are involved.  Currently, QSO & Multiplier credit is allowed in the major DX
Contests for these situations, but not DXCC credit.


I believe the requested DXCC remote rules change will benefit all DX'ers and
Contesters as we move forward in this Brave New World of remote station and
remote contest operating.  A .pdf of my request document can be downloaded
at:  http://www.k6vva.com/dxccrules .  


If you agree with the proposal request, please let the ARRL DX Advisory
Committee members know.  A distribution list is on the last page of the


Tnx & 73.


Rick, K6VVA * The Locust


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