[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX Season Opener

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Sun Jan 31 21:59:18 PST 2010

The CQ WPX season opens in less than two weeks with the RTTY mode.  See
www.cqwpxrtty.com for rules, records, past results and other information.
Note that there have been some minor rule changes.  Despite the solar
minimum, a large number of records have been set in each of the past three
years.  The participation and logs submitted continue to grow exponentially.
So, expect lots of activity on 13-14 February and join in the fun!

Be sure and take some photos of your operation, inside and outside the
shack.  Keep notes of your highlights and send along with photos to
mailto:w0yk at cqwpxrtty.com after the contest.  We particularly would like to
highlight stations other than the big guns in the CQ magazine article, so
everyone is encouraged to submit.

Thanks to K5ZD and AA5AU, there is now a searchable database of scores for
the RTTY mode as there is for the CW and SSB modes.  Thus far the
infrastructure and the 2008-2009 years of data are available.  Don hopes to
get the prior years uploaded in the coming weeks.  Be patient, though,
because the earlier years data requires a lot of formatting work.

The Records web page will be greatly expanded once all the yearly results
are entered.  The continental records along with the new Low Power
categories needs to be added.

Ed - W0YK
CQ RTTY Contest Director

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