[CQ-Contest] Nasty Cheerleading in favor of R36F

KI9A at aol.com KI9A at aol.com
Sun Jul 11 10:10:03 PDT 2010

I agree 100% with Hans. I see nothing at all "nasty". 
Could it be one station was just a bit louder than the others?
If you were to do this 100%, there would be claims of fist  recognition..
73- Chuck KI9A
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kzerohb at gmail.com writes:

> Take a look at the Top 20 spotters analysis  at:
>  http://www.5bits.net/lu5dx/2010-wrtc-spots-analysis/
> Martin,  LU5DX
> www.5bits.net/lu5dx


I went to your  site, and the analysis doesn't suggest "nasty" to me.

At this moment  R36F is spotted 21 times more than the next competitor (the 
range of  numbers for the "pack" right now runs from the mid 40's with a 
fairly even  distribution up to 121 spots).

I don't know who R36F is, and examining  the spotters on your "raw" list, I 
don't see any pattern different to  other random "spottees" that I perused.

So what is the  "nasty"?

73, de Hans, K0HB
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