[CQ-Contest] WRT-C2010 Comments

Hank Greeb hgreeb at one.net
Sun Jul 11 15:18:51 PDT 2010

IF we want absitively NO possibility of voice recognition to skew the 
scoring, perhaps we should

1. Have one person generates WAV files (or whatever format the logging 
software uses for the "canned" messages in the F-1 to F-12 keys),

2. load a copy to each computer used for logging BY a single person not 
associated with the contest

3. take away microphones from the stations and

4. force each team to ONLY use the pre-recorded, canned messages

In this way all the contestants would have the identical voice, so 
there'd be no possibility of voice recognition.

Likewise, all the CW sending would be done by the F-1 thru F-12 keys, so 
that "fists" would be identical.

Then, the only advantage would be for the "home" team, who would have 
better knowledge of "typical" propagation, and how to maximize the score.

Note that this year's team of  RW1AC/RA1AIP who is in the unofficial 
lead at the end of the contest had less Q's that some other teams, but 
had more points and multipliers for a higher score.

72/73 de n8xx Hg

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