[CQ-Contest] Spotting during WRTC 2010

Tony Rogozinski trogo at telegraphy.com
Sun Jul 11 15:02:57 PDT 2010

Having been a referee several times I can assure you all that when a voice is recognized - and they are - and also when 
there are conversations in Russian, Spanish or another language that the referee doesn't understand - that within a given country
the WRTC station is spotted on their cluster or repeaters or landline or whatever method is available. I have seen this
happen personally but what is one to do if a voice is recognized?  What is a referee to do if he doesn't understand what
is being said in a language foreign to him - but interestingly within a minute or two there is a tremendous pileup of 
stations from that country calling the WRTC station in question?   
If WRTC were a CW only contest as one person suggested  it could make for a more level playing field however if someone
is prone to cheat there are ways to identify who the operator happens to be even on CW.  Unfortunately, and I'm not
saying that it happened during WRTC 2010, there are, for some reason, cheaters in every activity known to man including
gambling in Las Vegas and marriage! ;-)  I guess it gives some people  a great deal of satisfaction to cheat in activities such 
as Ham Radio Contests  - why I'm really not sure - there really is nothing more to gain than questionable notoriety.

So be it.


Tony  W4OI/HK1AR

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