[CQ-Contest] Single-op Assisted

Anthony DeBiasi K2SG at comcast.net
Mon Jul 12 13:07:46 PDT 2010

Can someone tell me why there are so few entry categories in the IARU?  I don't wish to start a debate about the pros and cons of SO vs SOA but I would think that more categories might encourage more people to participate in the contest.  Having only limited time this weekend I was unable to make a serious effort but did try to work as many of the WRTC teams as possible.  Other years I tend to pass on the IARU Contest and know others who feel the same way.  Is there really a good reason  for the limited categories?  

I think the Russian organizers, all the team members and volunteers who supported the WRTC should be commended for doing a great job.  Like many others, I noticed that all of the signals sounded about equal.  

...73 Tony K2SG    

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