[CQ-Contest] 2010 IARU Pre-checking your log...

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Mon Jul 12 10:38:46 PDT 2010

I created a new Excel workbook for IARU contest logs. This tool will identify inconsistencies in logging IARU zone numbers.

You can download the tool from here:  http://tinyurl.com/267ordj

This workbook is pre-populated with a dummy log in the Log1 worksheet to illustrate how this tool can identify inconsistencies in logging. View the ZoneCheck work sheet and scroll down to lines 226 and 371. You will see a red cell to draw your attention to a problem. In one case, a typo reverses two letters in a HQ identifier. In the second case, a station was worked multiple times but in one instance the zone number does not match the others.

Limitations: This tool will not identify a wrong zone from a single (unique) QSO. It will also not identify a wrong zone if the zone number was consistently logged wrong. This workbook will only process logs of 10,000 QSOs or less.


Clear the existing data from the Log1 worksheet by clicking the "Select All" cell (above row 1, to the left of column A). Clicking this cell will highlight the entire worksheet. Press the delete key. The worksheet will be cleared and is now ready for your log.

Use Notepad to copy and paste your Cabrillo file into the Log1 worksheet. Use the standard Windows routine to copy and paste all the lines that start with QSO: in your Cabrillo file.

Next, use the menu DATA > TEXT TO COLUMNS selections to populate the columns on the worksheet. When the conversion window pops up, select the "Fixed width" button and then click the "Finish" button. Excel will make the conversion and populate columns A through K with the fields from your Cabrillo import.

Next, go to the ZoneCheck worksheet and click the "Check Zones" button in the upper left corner. Excel will analyze your Log1 data and populate columns E through H. It will also analyze the callsigns and zones and populate columns J through L. Scroll down this worksheet to see if there are any cells in column L highlighted in red.

The Reports worksheet also provides some rudimentary statistics from your log.

Email me if you have any questions or difficulties.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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