[CQ-Contest] List of WRTC stations / Results /Overspotting, and its impact

Thu Jul 15 15:31:46 PDT 2010

> Is it not possible, just thinking out loud here, to request the DX Cluster
> operators to kindly employ WRTC filters for the course of IARU?
> WRTC organizers could supply the clustermeisters a list of all callsigns
> (we
> still wouldn't be disclosing who has which callsign in advance, since it's
> all the callsigns in one group) in advance and request that all spots for
> any of those calls be blocked. I'm sure it can't be overly complicated,
> but

Not practical, for several reasons.  First, each type of cluster software
and each web site has different filter capabilities and input methods, you
would have to supply files for import in whatever formats each of them
requires.  Then you would have to get all the sysops to agree to implement
the filters, even those who could care less about contests.  And then of
course you would need a way to deal not only with common busted versions of
the calls, but intentional busts... just think back to how hard it is to
filter out spam mail for v.1;a*g.r,a by a simple string filter, and then
multiply that by all the possible nodes and spotters who would try to bypass
the filters with variations of the callsigns...  and then of course there is
the tactic of spotting a completely different rare dx station on a frequency
to attract attention, even if that station doesn't exist.

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