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N6TJ axioms of life:

NO 546    Many appear to have the need to prove they're the best operator.

NO. 547    Under present contesting rules and formats,  the playing field 
cannot and will not ever be level.

NO. 548    Packet spotting, skimmers and that ilk, corrupts and perverts any 
attempt to demonstrate operating skills, absolutely.

Some probably read my NCJ article (Axiom No. 5), circa 1979,  that stated, 
in essence, that if you want to win the "majors", go to a place that favors 
such.   Usually Caribbean, Northern South America, West Africa.  Over the 
past 40 years, that has been clearly demonstrated.  You may or may not have 
proven  you're the best operator, even by winning; but most likely the 
smartest.  (Nothing like staring out over the azure Caribbean Sea, while 
many are freezing their tails off in some Arctic climes.)

When I'm running a pile-up, and suddenly there's  a raft of dupes, only one 
thing can be  possible:  some idiot couldn't get my call right, spotted the 
busted call, and then all the packeteer's (who have neither the sense or 
skills to really listen), call - thinking that they  have a new QSO. 
They're happy, and I'm left with a DUPE.  Wonderful.  My only solution then 
is to QSY.  Then watch the DUPES disappear (for awhile, at least)


Although I retired from the NA SPRINT many years ago, it would seem to me 
that the best way to get rid of all this assisted operator nonsense is for 
WRTC, CQ WW, CQ WPX, ARRL DX, etc etc  to adopt the NA SPRINT format.   Call 
CQ.  Make a QSO.  Then QSY at least 5KHz before CQing again.    Bye bye 
spotting.  Bye bye skimmers.  Bye bye packet cheaters.  And the best 
operators will then surface; just as they consistently do in the SPRINTS

I'm ready to give that a 48 hour try.  Anyone else?

vy 73

Jim Neiger  N6TJ

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its impact

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>> WRTC showcases operator skills and experience.
> Yes, that is what it is supposed to do.
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>> I offer again Kurt Vonnegut's classic about "leveling of
>> skills" ----> http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/harrison.html
> I've read it - twice.  It's a good story but it is not relevant.
> WRTC does not aim to level operator skills, it aims to level the
> playing field so that skills may be more accurately assessed.
> The main thing preventing this is spotting.  If spotting cannot
> be regulated, or its effects controlled or nullified, then we
> will not have accurate assessments in future WRTCs.
> In WRTC-10 the percentage difference between first and second
> place was 0.32% - representing two multiplier QSOs or 11 non-
> multiplier QSOs. The first-placed station was spotted 100 times,
> second-placed 86 times
> http://www.5bits.net/lu5dx/2010-wrtc-spots-analysis/
> Does anyone believe that, had these spotting figures been
> reversed, ES5TV and ES2RR would not be in first place?
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI
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