Fri Jul 16 04:13:07 PDT 2010

> NO. 548    Packet spotting, skimmers and that ilk, corrupts and perverts
> any
> attempt to demonstrate operating skills, absolutely.

Only if you consider packet spotting not a part of operating.  By now we are
all aware that packet spotting exists, it has existed for many years, and it
will continue to be a part of contest operating for the foreseeable
future... so learn how to handle it and make it a part of your skill set. 

> They're happy, and I'm left with a DUPE.  Wonderful.  My only solution
> then
> is to QSY.  Then watch the DUPES disappear (for awhile, at least)

ONLY if you DON'T have the skill to know how to deal with it... ID more
often, call a couple CQ's with your call 2 or 3 times, and just work the
dupes that don't listen and get them out of the way... while adding a
comment about what your real call is again.

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