[CQ-Contest] CQ-Contest Digest, Vol 91, Issue 44 - Changes in CW speed

Bill Axelrod bill at axelrods.org
Wed Jul 21 19:45:44 PDT 2010

Everyone has his/own opinion or opinions on any one topic.  For me, being
able to establish and maintain a rhythm is a big factor in my performance
while running.

Call it senility or just my poor operating skills, but changing CW speed in
the midst of a contest QSO destroys my rhythm and increases the number of
repeats I need to request.  To state the issue differently, I can
comfortably run for hours at 30 or 32 wpm and maintain my rate with few
fills needed.  Changing speeds confuses me by changing the rhythm requiring
more fills and lowering my rate.

Just one opinion.

73...   Bill K3WA

> Excellent. Coincidentally, in the recent IARU activity, I set my NA
software to send "599" at lightning speed, followed by a more sedate "8."
Then it occurred to me that, duh, the op at the other end is expecting "8,"
too, so I turned up the speed on that. No problema. Not a single person
asked me to repeat the 8. My whole exchange was just a machine-gun-like blur
of dits and dahs.
> For years I have spaced out, my call sign that is ... K1 space T space N
... So I've been ahead of the curve on that.
> Jim Cain
> At The K1TN Superstation
> Atlantic City

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