[CQ-Contest] IRCs, a "lighter topic"...

Robert Brandon rb at austin.rr.com
Wed Jul 28 08:50:11 PDT 2010

I've gotten shrugs from a lot of clerks.  I got some "we don't redeem those
any more" responses, too.  But I'd press, and eventually they'd come

That last time I was in, I asked the clerk to give me the menu path for
future reference.  He told that this is the path:

Clerk Services
Admin Functions
Redeem Foreign IRCs

Good luck,
Robert K5PI

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I recently had trouble using an IRC at a local branch Post Office when
posting a QSL reply to a DX station I'd worked in a contest.

They told me that they "couldn't process" my IRC.

So I took the transaction to the Main branch downtown, and the
clerk took it without a word before I even opened my mouth, and
he said, "You're all set!" That was about 2 weeks ago.

Then I was on my way to another town today, and tried the IRC transaction
at the ONLY Post Office in that town. At first, they were all stumped,
but didn't give up or refuse me. One of the clerks eventually identified
the transaction successfully, stating it falls under the "Non-Postal
Money Order" category. The head clerk said she'd never had one presented
to her from outside the US in all 28 years of her service... They had all
IRC's of course, though.

Anyone ever have difficulties with getting local branches to accept IRC's?
Do they have the right to refuse the transaction if they have computerized
operations? Has anyone ever succeeded in putting an outbound article with an
IRC in their curbside mailbox? I haven't bothered to try it yet, given the
at the local branch...

Please, don't "go postal" in your replies... I just need the facts...
         Geoff Way, KA1IOR

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