[CQ-Contest] The King (Packet cluster network) is dead! Long live th

S56A s56a at bit.si
Wed Jul 28 15:10:24 PDT 2010

AA5JG wrote: Right now I just "tolerate" SSB contesting, but skimmer might 
lead me to become mainly a SSB contester.

CW Skimmer is a great development well merged with modern SDR technology!  I 
am surprised that speech recognition technology is NOT applied to hamradio 
contesting.  We use limited vocabulary of ten numbers and 26 letters with 
international spelling and even 1990's programms would be good for that.  I 
can only remember unfortunate attemps of terrible sounding callers callsign 
concatenations and robot sounding serial numbers apart from prerecorded 
overall (CQ) phrases.
At the end of contest we must supply Cabrillo log and some typing releif of 
my two fingers during 48 hours would be most welcome.

K1TN OF theoreme doesn't hold with even more agresive increase of RTTY 
contesters.  It is definitely better and cheaper technology!

73 de Mario, S56A

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