[CQ-Contest] CQ and S&P on the same band

Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
Wed Jul 28 15:13:36 PDT 2010

In the Mid 70's  at   W7RM  Chip K7JA and I were on 15 SSB doing just that 
with one antenna down over a bluff about 300 foot away and 80 or 90 ft above 
salt water beaming JA and running.  I was tuning using a pair of stacked 6 
el yagi's at 180ft  and was able to call and work stations in So. Amer and 
Caribbean within 5 khz without problems.  Both stations were running a KW. 
We didn't even bother with and interlock.
Both rigs were Collins S-Line.
 We also were hand logging and Chip was running over 200 Q's  hr. and Rush 
was standing behind with his mouth hanging open.  This was Chips  K7JA / 
K7VPF (age 17 ) first effort at a big station.   Rush had just told us that 
the best run totals he was aware of were by K3EST at about 180 to EU from 
the east coast and he would be happy if we had some 150 Q hours.

There might have been times when both stations were    CQing at the same 
time ??

Fun Times   LONG GONE

Quack  aka Rex  K7QQ

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> W9WI wonders:
>> (SO2R does of course force a different strategic decision: which other 
>> band
>> will you do your S&Ping on?  Until someone works out the technology to 
>> S&P
>> on the same band on which they're CQing.  I'd bet someone is already 
>> doing that
>> but hasn't yet released their secret!)  (I've done it in the ARRL DX
>> but only while running QRP)
> There is a long history of successful attempts to CQ and S&P on the same 
> band.
> I know at least one multi-multi back in the 70's had the ability to split 
> up
> 20CW into two sections and let a station S&P on each.  This was done with 
> some
> kind of crystal filters I believe.
> If you have a couple of antennas spaced maybe 600 feet apart - with some
> directivity away from each other (e.g., two beams with each one off the
> side of the other) - you can easily operate on the same band with 100 
> watts
> of power without much QRM.  I have even done this with a KW when using 
> radios
> with robust front ends.
> The one requirement for doing this is having some land.  You can't do this 
> on
> a city lot.  Another way to do it is to have a remote receiving location, 
> which
> is probably getting easier to implement everyday.  However, this 
> technology is
> illegal for most contests.
> Recently - I have been doing this on 160 meters, with a KW, using a RX 
> loop with
> the null pointed back at my TX antenna - with a spacing of about 800 feet. 
> I
> think it resulted in a 10 percent increase in my QSO total in the ARRL 160
> contest last year.
> 73 Tree N6TR
> tree at kkn.net
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