[CQ-Contest] IARU, Unique calls and whatever...

LY8O ly8o at ot.lt
Sun Jun 13 13:58:32 PDT 2010

Hi Ben,

I am very sorry to say that from my 2000 QSOs in IARU2009 on 20mCW very few stations send me a serial number instead of right ITU zone number. Does it means that CW operators are much more experienced then SSB? I am not sure about that... But everything is possible.
And also I am very sorry to say that I don't like when somebody would like to fool me at the same time he is looking into my eyes while we both know the situation...

73, Remi LY8O
LY0HQ team member

DL6FBL wrote:


this is Ben, DL6FBL. This will be my only posting in that matter, because there 
is too much kindergarten involved, and I don't have time to spend on irrelevant 

I just want to point on "unique QSOs" and on radio amateurs giving out numbers 
during a contest. I don't call them contesters, because most of them will never 
read rules, and never intend to send a log for contacts they make during a 
contest. And I say "during" a contest, because they are not "in the contest", 
they don't participate! They are just amateurs, who want to say hello to 
somebody and make him a favor by giving out a number.

Apart from IARU, take the following example and think about it:

Yesterday I was at DR1A preparing some things for WRTC 2010. Having finished my 
work, it was Friday 2330z, and I was in the mood for some quick QSOs. I looked 
up the contest calendar, if there was a contest starting at 0000z, and I found 
the "Portugal Day Contest". My apologies to the CTs, but I have never heard of 
it before. I had a look at the rules (everybody can work everybody; the CTs 
give out their province, all others 001 and so on). I said OK, let's give it a 
try. I started on 20 meters SSB, and was immediately called by a number of 
W/VEs. (Yes, you are loud from DR1A...) Exactly four hours later at 0400z I 
decided to go to bed. At that time I had worked 603 stations. I gave them a 
number, and they gave me a number. So far so good. But where is the point? I am 
posting the whole log underneath (sorry for the bandwidth - but it is necessary 
for the understanding!)

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