[CQ-Contest] Cluster Network Improvement

jpescatore at aol.com jpescatore at aol.com
Sat Mar 6 03:36:42 PST 2010

K1TTT said: "Same answer to all 3... the existing software and network implementation won't 
handle it.  Remember, the existing network was derived from the rf packetcluster network 
where by law encryption and security were prohibited. So all the existing software has an 
open text backbone structure that allows easy connection of net nodes to the network."

The entire network doesn't need to be fixed, there just needs to be an alternate subset of clusters that implement user 
registration and limited connectivity, leaving the large, chaotic cluster network for those who want to use that, and a more 
sane alternative for those who would choose to use that. For example, if the major contest clubs all agreed to do so, then
there would be a closed cluster network they could use and a wide open one anyone else could use. This is how Facebook
and many other things today work - it does not require fixing the problems of the world.

This will not solve G3SXW's complaint - that technological horse is out of the barn as far as that goes. But for the daily DXers
who would like not to see the malicious, inaccurate and just plain stupid things that go on every day in the open cluster
network, and for the contesters who want to operate assisted without feeding the nonsense, a closed alternative would fit
the bill quite nicely.

John K3TN

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