[CQ-Contest] Cluster Network Improvement

jpescatore at aol.com jpescatore at aol.com
Sat Mar 6 13:22:17 PST 2010

K1TTT said "There are several of them around already.  Some clubs have limited access to
some of their nodes and implemented their own filtering.  That does not solve the packet 
pileup or enable stations to opt out of being spotted obviously since there is still the 
wide open big network."

Yes, agree - having a closed spotting network with authenticated users and limited node connectivity does not address
G3SXW's issue of the madness of being spotted. That technological horse is out of the barn and ain't going back in.

There is no perfect solution, but there are a lot better solutions than what we have now. The world that existed when 
AK1A wrote the cluster software is very different. It is just like the Internet - when all the protocols were developed it was
a much smaller, more civilized world. Today we have to have firewalls and passwords and all kinds of closed connections
to keep it being useful. 

John K3TN.


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