[CQ-Contest] Band Edges

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Sun Mar 7 12:41:27 PST 2010

With due respect to my good Pal Barry, yes it really goes well beyond
doing 60 in a 55 zone.  Not having time to do a serious effort this
weekend, for some reason I started listening to the band edges.not sure
why.  As others have noted, there were a lot of US stations above 14348
and below 7127.  Besides this being in violation of part 97 of the rules
(don't you get DQ'd for operating outside the limits of your license?),
it also provides an unfair advantage.   
I have no idea of the percentage, but if it's 50/50, the 50% of us who
will call and work a station on 7126 or 14349 have a competitive
advantage over those of us who won't.  This goes away if you get DQ'd or
the FCC pink tickets you, but since that never happens, well...its your
own ethics (on display for everyone else to see/hear) that are supposed
to hold you back..
Meanwhile, it sometimes happens by accident in the heat of battle - a
different case.
Hal, N4GG

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