[CQ-Contest] JARL Contest Plaque

Tack Kumagai je1cka at chofu.jaxa.jp
Sun Mar 7 21:54:57 PST 2010

Hi Lew

Thanks for your comment. Band propagation seems to be going up lately 
so hope to have better condition in this comming JIDX-CW contest in 
We will have award for each US-area for each categories, so hope to 
have more US participants.

Now, we committee has been in final process of JIDX-PH in 2009-Nov 
and hope to have final result in late April.

*JARL is the Japan Amateur Radio Leagu which supports All-Asia-DX.
And JIDX has been sponsord by The Five-Nine magazine (JA1ELY).
	JIDX contest committee chairman
	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
	Email: jidx-chairman at jidx.org

Ps; I'll operate KH2/KH0AM in this comming JIDX-CW

In message "[CQ-Contest] JARL Contest Plaque"
    on 10/03/07, Lew Sayre <w7ew at arrl.net> writes:
: I would like to thank JM1CMA in particular and Five-Nine magazine in general
: for the very beautiful plaque that arrived today.
: I hope that as the sunspots blossom more people will participate from all
: around the world to compete for one of
: these beauties.  The Japan International DX Contest is a great amount of fun
: and I urge everybody possible to get on April 11-12
: for the next edition of the JIDX-CW contest.    Thanks again for the fun!
:      73 and I remain,
:      Lew     W7EW/W7AT

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