[CQ-Contest] 80 Meter Phone Split Operation

Tom McAlee tom at klient.com
Wed Mar 10 19:33:10 PST 2010

Because what sounds like a good frequency to you may very well be a mess in
EU.  There may be loud splatter from a station 3KHz away that you don't hear
on your frequency that will prevent you from being heard over there.

We have tried it both ways and kept a close ear on competitors trying it
both ways; staying above 3800 and listening split yields the best rates.

Tom NI1N (80m @ W3LPL)

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Now that the U.S. phone band extends down to 3600 khz, why on earth do
stations work split on 80 meters? I have trouble believing it is simply
because U. S. stations have their antennas cut for 3800. They are able to
work CW 3500 - 3600. Antenna tuner anyone?

I had success CQing above 3750 simplex, and I had success working split
transmitting around 3835 and listening around 3650. But I had no success
CQing simplex below 3750. I only tried working split after having no success
CQing simplex lower in the band. 

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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