[CQ-Contest] SWL QSL cards

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Fri Mar 12 04:16:42 PST 2010

I fill in the usual info - date, time, frequency, and his SWL "call".
I draw a line through the RST field, since I have no idea how strong he  
was  :>)
I also cross out the "2-way QSO" words in the usual "Confirming 2-way QSO"  
statement, and write in "SWL" above that.
73  -  Jim   K8MR
In a message dated 3/11/2010 11:30:19 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
wa5zup at msn.com writes:

I have a  stupid question

I have gotten SWL QSL cards before, but honestly, just  tossed them.

I got one in today from Austria with a nice letter and so  on.

I want to send him a card.

What do you put for contact  information?  Or do you just leave it blank?

Anther words how do  you fill out a QSL card to a SWL?

I told you it was a dumb  question.

John  wa5zup

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