[CQ-Contest] SWL QSL cards

LY8O ly8o at ot.lt
Fri Mar 12 00:12:45 PST 2010

Hello John,

Usually I am filling a QSL card for SWL station as a regular QSL card and the only difference is I am printing "SWL" in report window/line instead of 59 or 579.
As a former SWL long time ago I still remember that every received QSL card is a small holiday :) 

73, Remi LY8O
(ex SWL UP2-038-1053 between 1980 and ~1987)  :)

WA5ZUP wrote:
I have a stupid question
I have gotten SWL QSL cards before, but honestly, just tossed them.
I got one in today from Austria with a nice letter and so on.
I want to send him a card.
What do you put for contact information?  Or do you just leave it blank?
Anther words how do you fill out a QSL card to a SWL?
I told you it was a dumb question.

John wa5zup

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